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The Araucana is a soft feathered light breed of poultry which comes in both large fowl and bantam versions. Colours include black, white, lavender, blue, black-red, silver duckwing, golden duckwing, blue-red, pyle and crele.  We are new to keeping these birds this year and only breed large fowl in lavender at the moment.

Large fowl Araucana

The full Araucana breed standard

as detailed in the PCGB book of standards is

available here:

Our Lavender Araucana

We’ve only been keeping Araucana since spring 2012, having hatched some and bought in some stock. We only keep the large fowl variety in Lavender and hope to breed birds of good type and for egg colour.  

We show eggs as well as birds and (as well as showing the Araucana eggs) may also try crossing with Welsummer or Marans (dark brown layers) for olive coloured eggs.

Araucana Standard