Yates & Jones	Exhibition poultry breeders in the High Peak

Copyright © Yates & Jones 2014.  All images of poultry are of our own birds and may not be reproduced without permission - info@yatesandjones.com for details.

What’s the green stuff?

Where did that worm go?

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Who switched the flippin’ lights on?

Wakey wakey!  Come on, out you get.

Have you seen the temperature in here?

I’m a big boy now.

Not the Guardian again - what’s wrong with the Daily Mail?

…. at least you get something to read.  We’re on shavings again!

Mother - get back here, I’m freezing.

Bedtime - get back under there.

I’m the King of the Castle!

Now, listen here ladies, I think I should be in charge.  Come on now - pay attention!

Gallery 2