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Booted Bantams

Booted Bantams have been recorded in the UK as far back as 1876.  Like many breeds, birds have been imported from other countries and other colours have been developed in the interim.

The full 2015 Booted Bantam breed standards are

available on the Booted club web site here:

Booted Bantams

The colours

There are many colours listed in the breed standard. But we don’t keep all of them.  At the moment we have:

You can see some of our birds on the colour pages using the tabs above.  We also have one or two ‘non-standard’ colour birds.  We don’t intend to breed from any of them but some will make a good addition to the ‘Any Other Colour’ classes at the shows.

Keeping and showing Booted Bantams

The profuse foot feathering on Booted Bantams means they take a bit of looking after and preparation if they are to be shown.  Generally though, we manage very well by keeping them in large paved covered runs on fairly deep shavings. Any hard work required is well worth the effort as they are friendly inquisitive birds who love to be around people.  They are ideal for those wishing to keep poultry as back garden pets they don’t eat a lot, tolerate children quite happily and do very little damage to the garden (which is more than can be said for our shed full of large fowl layers!).

Booted Bantams Society UK

The Booted Bantam Society was formed in 2014 after the breed left the auspices of the Rare Poultry Society.  It affiliated to the Poultry Club of Great Britain on January 2015 and it now runs a range of services to support members and breeders, including:

Porcelain Rumpless Gold Lemon Black White Booted Standard