Yates & Jones	Exhibition poultry breeders in the High Peak

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Poultry showing & exhibiting

We quickly got ‘bitten by the bug ‘ when we started showing . Obviously we do it because we hope to win but we also find it one of the best ways to learn from others.  We can compare our birds with those of breeders from around the country.

Preparing for the show

(you gotta get them clean!

2011 Show Results 2012 Show Results

The Yates & Jones Trophy, presented for Best Booted Bantam at the Derbyshire Championship Poultry Show run by the High Peak Poultry Club.

Best Eggs at Oswestry Championship Show, October 2012

1st place, Booted Bantam self-colour, PCGB National Championships, 2012

The Nelson Cup for Best Booted Bantam at the Federation Championship, December 2011.

2014 Show Results

Champion Rare Breed

at Selston Championship Show

January 2013

2013 Show Results